Winter Storm Pax – Lessons Learned


It appears that the winter storm of the decade, or at least of 2014, is traveling on after causing this little girl a good bit of distress, but thankfully no bodily injury or harm.  I am glad that it has decided to leave Georgia and give some people on up the Eastern Seaboard a share of what it has to offer and leave me alone!

I learned a few lessons from this storm, and gained a bit of insight.  As far as I can tell, most of it is good, although I am rather embarrassed that I fretted so much and worried needlessly over what might happen, yet never did.  I guess in the long run, I have a smidgen of new knowledge tucked under my belt, perhaps for future reference.

I still don’t know if clay flowerpot heaters really warm a room.  My power didn’t go off, so I never had to fire up the tiny tea lights to find out. Now that it is over, I think I’m going to try one of them out, if only to store in my bank of useful (or useless) knowledge in case there is a next time.  I will admit that seeing them sitting on the hearth in my bedroom gave me a sense of well-being and assurance that I might not freeze to death if I lost electricity.

French Market Soup is my new favorite comfort food, although after two days, I am getting rather tired of it. I made a pot large enough to feed my neighborhood- I don’t know why. I think almost all of my neighbors went somewhere else to wait out the storm. I also learned that soup doesn’t take the place of chocolate. By yesterday afternoon, I needed a taste of chocolate really badly and didn’t have any in the house. Next time, I’ll be more prepared and have a few Heath Bars stored in the pantry. String cheese and sweet potato chips are very poor substitutes!

It doesn’t help one bit to gaze out the window watching the ice form on power lines. However, I now know that it takes a lot more ice than what we had to make them snap, because they are all still up there in the air.  They do, however, have icicles hanging from them.  Next time, if there is a next time, I’ll gaze out the window and watch something more entertaining.

There are a lot of people out there who care about me and my well-being, and I am grateful. The magic of the I-phone and Facebook kept me connected with my small universe and aware that I am loved.  I even have a car charger for my phone to use in case of a power outage, although I’m not sure I can get into my car at this point.  It has been covered in a sheet of ice and dusting of snow since yesterday morning.

I learned that walking in the snow isn’t a thrill to my little dog, Sunshine, as it is to me. She is happiest when she is either curled up next to me or snoozing in her warm bed. She practically dragged me home this morning after I took her out for what I hoped would be a pleasant wintry excursion. She obviously is not familiar with the term cabin fever, and her paws got very frosty!

I am using my day of forced leisure (no work for me today) to do something constructive, mainly write. I have no excuses not to do it, especially since Sunshine isn’t keen on another snowy day walk. I am not given this gift of time very often, and I intend to take full advantage of it. If the sun melts enough ice today, maybe I can drag Sunshine out for an afternoon stroll. We’ll both be ready for one, I’m sure!

And one thing is for sure, I am ready for springtime!


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