Remember When….


One of my favorite songs is “Remember When”, sung by Alan Jackson.  It is a heart-ripping kind of song, and one that brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. It makes me very sad, as I wish that I had a long-term relationship with my husband to reminisce with and share cherished memories like those Alan sings about in this song. I envy my family members and friends who are in lifelong marriages, and have so many remember when’s with their spouses.  But I decided not to be sad about my life with its hills and curves, and all the memories, good and bad, funny and sad,  and have a little fun with “remember when” with my blog readers.

I began thinking about all of the remember whens that we laugh about whenever any of us Campbells get together. Some have become family legends, and are re-told at every family reunion, often to the embarrassment of the guilty party. I also enlisted the help of Wade and Brian to jar my memory with some of their favorite remember whens.  The list is growing, and I have found that this is going to be much more than a single blog entry.  And, since many of them are worthy of a true narrative, not just a simple statement of, “Remember when…,” I am dedicating the next few blog entries to “Remember When.” I hope that my wandering through mine and my family’s past may touch a “remember when” or two of your own.

To start it off, I have a few very quick remember whens from childhood and growing up in Decatur.  See if some of these sound familiar to you, wherever you spent your childhood.

Remember when the train used to stop at the Decatur depot, and people would actually get on and off of the train?

Remember when we’d stand on the scales at the depot to see how much we weighed?

Remember when we used to put pennies on the railroad track, and after the train had passed, we would search and search for the flattened coins?

Remember when we could walk to the drugstore, sit at the soda fountain, and order a huge ice cream soda, and pay 25 cents for it, money that we had earned folding towels and wash cloths, sweeping the front walkway, or weeding the flower garden?

Remember when we would ride in a school bus to downtown Atlanta for a morning with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra?  The fun was in the bus ride and getting out of a day of school, although I developed a great love for “Peter and the Wolf” and the “William Tell Overture.”

Remember when we would huddle in the basement of our schools during air raid drills?

Remember when we experienced our first kiss? Mine was at a party at Randy Gill’s house, playing Spin the Bottle in 7th grade. I’m not saying who kissed me.

Ok, ok, enough is enough for one morning. Stay tuned. More, of a more descriptive nature, are on their way. I hope my blog readers will enjoy them half as much as I am recollecting and writing about them!

Remember when!


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