Six Impossible Things


There is a quote from Alice in Wonderland that I want to explore during a night when sleep is refusing to pay me a visit: “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Since breakfast is still several hours away for me, I have time to think about this and perhaps come up with my own six impossible things. Here they are….

  1.        Someone will find my blog, read it, and fall in love with my writing, inviting me to publish a book, write a column, be a guest on the Oprah show, or something as far-fetched as this. Or, maybe more realistically, but still in the realm of impossibility, my writing will touch someone’s heart or soul after having read my thoughts. Perhaps a life will be changed because of something I write.
  1.        I will become a grandmother. This is most certainly an impossibility with neither of my sons in the parenting business, but something I yearn for nonetheless.  I don’t think it will ever happen for me, but I still believe that somehow it could. I envy my friends who are grandparents, and I wish that I were one, too.
  1.        I will be able to retire with enough income to travel, visit parts of the world I’ve never seen, and not have to worry about the financial part of growing older. Why not believe this impossible thing? It could happen, I suppose. Especially if #1 should come true!
  1.        I will fall in love with the man of my dreams, and there really will be a place “somewhere over the rainbow where dreams really do come true.” I am a hopeful romantic with a terrible track record with relationships, so as I ponder this in the middle of the night, it really seems to be an impossible thing to believe in right now. I guess what I am saying is that I would really love to fall in love with a decent, normal, interesting, and intelligent guy who would like to give it a shot in putting up with me.
  1.        Someone will meet me, will like the eccentricities that are part of who I am, and will want to join me on my journey down my road. This is similar to #4, but this one doesn’t have to be the man of my dreams. This could be an ordinary joe who likes to go on long walks, loves my dog, and enjoys talking to a girl who has some pretty wild ideas about life and her universe. Maybe this actually is the same guy in #4, but I am running out of impossible things to believe in, so I am keeping them separate for the purposes of this blog.
  1.        I will fall asleep before it is time to get up to go to work. Yes, right now with my brain swimming with thoughts of things I want to write about, this seems like a sure impossibility. But maybe, this one is something I really can believe in, because as I finish writing about my six impossible things, my brain is relaxing somewhat, my eyelids are getting heavy, and I think that maybe dreamland may find me if I’ll just quit writing and turn out the light.

Goodnight, my world. Sleep tight.


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