Random Thoughts While Sitting on a Summer Porch


Sitting on my front porch with Sunshine this afternoon, while reading Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley”, a few random thoughts and observations have passed across my field of vision and became stuck in my brain.

  1. The kids across the street are enjoying their first day of summer vacation, playing with a water hose and a plastic “Slip-n-Slide”. I have the strongest urge to meander across the street and join them. Sunshine is enthralled, but I think that once she felt the cold splash of water, she would change her mind. I don’t think I would.
  2. A fire engine and a rescue vehicle streamed down the street, red lights flashing and sirens blaring. We heard the sound several seconds before the trucks passed by the house. Sunshine tucked her tail and moved from the edge of the porch, and found a safe spot at my feet. She was not impressed. I wanted to jump into my car and follow them.
  3. A man on a single-speed bicycle slowly pedaled his way up the street toward town. Sunshine wagged her tail, but he didn’t notice her. He was concentrating on making it up the long, gradual incline of our street. I wondered if there is a bike shop in town, and how much one would cost.
  4. In the book I am reading, these words jumped out at me, from Steinbeck: “A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ.” I examined my dog bite wound from yesterday’s encounter with a savage little Chihuahua, and decided that I’ll most probably live from my injury. I also determined that I don’t want to hang out with sad people, nor do I want to be one. I would hate to be the cause of another’s death!
  5. A bird on an electric wire across the street is singing her little heart out. I want to be like her.
  6. More sirens and another fire truck raced down the street. Now, I’m not so sure about wanting to follow- it might be more than I wish to see.
  7. Cars and trucks and motorcycles form a constant stream going up and down my street. I wonder where everyone is going. They all have determined expressions on their faces as they pass. They are all headed somewhere, and have a destination in mind. I am happy to be sitting on my porch, going nowhere this afternoon.

Summertime has finally shown her face in Monroe. The sky is blue and the clouds are puffy. The breeze carries the scent of honeysuckle. This day is tailor-made for someone like me.  It is good to be sitting here on my porch observing the world as it passes in front of my little stage.


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