Change, Please!


Change is in the air.

I’m longing for a little change in my life.

I’d love you better if you’d just change.

Keep the change.

Change your password.

“Changes in attitude, changes in latitude.”

Don’t forget about the time change. Set your clocks back (or forward) an hour.

It’s all about change. In every aspect of our lives there is change. Whether we want it or not, things (and people) change. As I automatically awoke at what was 6:00 am yesterday, it is only 5:00 am today. The time has changed, and my body is protesting.  My furnace also cycled on an hour earlier than usual – not because of the time change, but because the weather here has changed dramatically over the past few days. We have gone from short-sleeve weather to jacket weather overnight, it seems! The times, they are a-changing!

Last night before going to sleep, I opened the journal I’ve been writing in for the past year and went back to re-read what I have been recording. Talk about change! There is very little that is constant in my life, and each page reflects the changes that are happening on a daily basis. I read about my inner struggles with my new single life, my battles with the blues and loneliness, depression over my financial situation, my struggles with a now-extinct relationship where I was urged to change on a daily basis, thoughts of moving and changing where I live, and a myriad of other minor and major changes in my life. I also read about joys and adventures I have encountered along my path this year, which make me smile as I recall them.

Looking into the mirror, change stares back at me every day. A few weeks ago while visiting an old high school friend, we pulled out our senior yearbook. 50 years ago, I was a naïve little teen-ager, struggling with the change of moving to a new state, town, and school. Memories rushed back as we looked at our photos and relived many memories of those days. Change! My hair is no longer a rich brown, but almost solid white, it is now as short as I can possibly get it and still look like a girl, and long with a sassy flip has been gone for many years. I can’t imagine trying to squeeze into the clothes I wore as a teenager – life and pregnancies (and a few too many Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups) have rearranged my entire body.  My body has changed, my life has changed, my name has changed a few times and gone full circle, my geographic location has changed a number of times- I could go on and on with the changes in my life that are reflected in the image I see in the mirror.

Yes, even with the changes I have rebelled against and those I have embraced, I understand that without change I wouldn’t be alive. It is the constant changes that keep us alert, that help us to grow, that propel us forward in our lives. There is a saying in Georgia, where I now live, “If you don’t like the weather here, just wait a day. It’ll change.” I could say the same thing about life. If I’m not particularly thrilled with my today, all I need to do is be patient and wait until tomorrow. Things will most definitely change.

Change, please.


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