I Am Not a Winter Person!


This is a revision of a post I wrote a few years ago. It is updated to reflect my thoughts today.

The autumn leaves have finally caught on fire with brilliant colors here on the street where I live, and all around Monroe. My morning walk with Sunshine now features a brilliant blend of reds, yellows, oranges, and browns. And, as the season peaks, the colors are changing with each passing day. I marvel at the tree-lined roads I travel in my day, and watch with fascination as the colors deepen and intensify in the early morning and late afternoon sunshine.

I am not a Winter Person. I don’t like cold weather and the layering of clothing it demands, and I tend to fight the blues during the long, dark days of winter.  Fall reminds me of these bleak, gray days looming ahead of me. As I gaze at the rich colors of autumn, I visualize what the scene will be in another month or so, and yearn for springtime. This year, however, I am determined not to dwell on the future too much, but to enjoy what my eyes are seeing today. I tell myself that this is the most beautiful Fall I’ve ever seen, while knowing I have lived through many, many seasons in my lifetime that were probably of equal, if not more magnificent, beauty. I try to imagine the same scenes in their winter attire, and remember the quiet beauty of last winter’s ice and snow. I remind myself that the snowy days are also beautiful, but they tend to be in black and white tones, not in Technicolor, like today. I tend to skip past my visions of winter, and go straight to springtime. Like I said, I’m not a Winter Person.

Even with the lovely colors that the leaves are displaying, they remind me of the circle of life- and of death. Now that more of my life is behind me than stretches ahead, I watch the leaves fall and think about the end of life. I know that it’s not the tree that is dying, but only the leaves. The trees and bushes are simply shedding their worn-out summer clothes to wait for their new Spring outfits. The leaves will fall to the ground to decay and add nutrients to the soil, as they do their part to nourish the tree to prepare for the next season’s new attire.
Fall colors
I could go theological about this and spout my beliefs about life and death, but this isn’t my purpose today. The intent of this verbal wandering today is to share with whoever reads this my thoughts about Autumn this year, and the effect it is having on my wandering thoughts.

If it weren’t for winter, I think I could become an Autumn Person. At least, until Springtime!


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