I Am The Universe


The centering thought for today’s meditation was “I am the universe.”

The universe has fascinated me ever since I was a little girl. I remember lying under the stars in my sleeping bag on a Camp Fire Girls camping trip when I was about eight years old. At first, the dark sky with all the pinpoints of lights fascinated me. But, then, suddenly, I became unexplainably afraid and buried my head underneath the covers until morning’s light. On that night the immensity and vastness of the universe was overwhelming for my child’s mind and imagination. I think that was the first time the concept of infinity made its appearance in my life. It was more than I could comprehend or handle, so I hid my face until the sun came out to welcome a new day.

The concept still haunts me somewhat, as it is one that I simply cannot comprehend. However, the universe itself is fascinating to me, as I learn more about it and my tiny spot in it. As a religious person, and one who believes in God, I am in awe of creation as I feebly attempt to envision what God must be like to have created such a wondrous thing, and why God chose to create me.

As I ponder the meaning of life, and why I have been given the privilege to live a life and experience all that the universe has to offer, I long to explore it myself. I can’t conceive why God would create such a grand playground for us if we aren’t allowed to play on it. As I contemplate death and the end of my life here on earth, I can picture myself given the wings to fly and the capability to explore the entire universe. And because it is so huge, it will take an eternity to do so!

So, with all of these unearthly thoughts, I am brought back to this morning’s meditation. I am the universe. I am part of creation. As I learned as a child, “We are one in the spirit, we are one in the lord.” The God who made the universe is the God who made me, who breathed the breath of life into me. And it is this God who is my guide through my life and ultimately through the universe.

And now I am thinking, am I the universe, or is the universe me?



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