Crazy Socks


Many years ago, my son, Brian, introduced me to his very own fashion statement – crazy socks. He loved to wear the brightest colored and boldest designed socks he could find, which at the time were not readily available in stores. As a result, my Christmas shopping each year included going from store to store in search of the wildest pair of socks to tuck into his stocking. It was no easy task. Men’s socks came in the standard black, tan, gray and navy, and an occasional dull argyle. Salespeople would look at me with the most sympathetic expressions on their faces when I would inquire about the kind of socks I was looking for. I received countless statements of “Sorry, we don’t carry anything like that,” followed by a half-hearted, “Good luck.”

Brian’s love of socks soon rubbed off on me, as the searches continued to be the treasure hunt of the season. I decided that if my son loved these socks, it must be for a pretty good reason. I needed to try it myself. As I searched for socks for him, which became a year-long adventure and often felt like a wild goose chase, I began looking for some for myself, as well. I discovered that not only were men’s socks dull and boring, but women’s were, too.That was at the time when pantyhose were popular, and the only women’s socks I could find were either plain colored or white athletic socks. It was so sad.

Little by little, my collection of crazy socks has grown, and I’ve found that it is great fun to wear them. I look for interesting designs, bright colors, and unique patterns. Even if I am wearing classic or plain clothes, you can be sure that peeking out from the hem of my pants will be something quite unusual and bright. I even found extra-thick hiking socks last week in fluorescent greens and pinks. Fun! And the really neat thing about crazy socks is that it doesn’t matter if anyone sees them, if they are hidden underneath pants legs or inside of boots. My feet know they are there, and I know they are there, and we are happy.

Thankfully, times and fashions have changed in the past few years, and crazy socks are everywhere. My challenge now is finding the crazi-EST ones! My sock drawer is bulging at the seams, because I love every single pair, and hate to part with any of them. I know I need to sort through them, but until my toes poke through the toe of one, they aren’t going anywhere.

But then, when they finally do wear out, they become colorful dusting mitts.

You just can’t lose with crazy socks!

Crazy Socks


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