I’m Still Writing – Look What I’m Up To!


For anyone who might be wondering why I haven’t written anything in my blog for awhile, I have several lame excuses and one very good reason.

The lame excuses go like this:

I’m just too tired when I get home from work to think up anything creative.
Life has been much too ho-hum, and nothing exciting has happened in my life recently.
I haven’t been in the mood to write.
My computer died, and it’s taken me awhile to get used to my new one.

None of these excuses hold much water. First, I haven’t stopped writing. My journal pages fill up on an almost daily basis with things that are on my mind, insights I have along my way, and random thoughts that make their way from my brain to my journal pages. Second, my life really isn’t boring. There simply hasn’t been a whole lot going on that I have felt compelled to share with my blog readers. Third, I’ve been in the mood – I am almost always in the mood – to write, but I’ve chosen to concentrate on some other areas of my life and have set some of my writing aside at times. Fourth, my computer almost died – not quite, but it gave me quite a scare – and I had to buy a new one. I made the leap from PC to MacBook, and it’s taken me awhile to get used to the new way of doing things on my new computer.

So, those are my excuses. Now what is the very good reason? Drum roll, please…..

This past winter,I took the novel I wrote five years ago out of the mothballs, and revisited it. It wasn’t that good, but it wasn’t that bad, either. After consulting with my son, the professional writer, I decided to dive into it, make some needed changes in the story, re-design a couple of characters, tighten the storyline, and see what might happen. I attacked a major flaw in the plot, which involved deleting an entire chapter, changing the timeline, and adding two new chapters to build the bridge back in the story so that it would make sense. I then took what I believed was too much of me out of the main character and created one who still had some of me in her, but became a person in her own right with her own unique voice.

I also decided to self-publish it. With the help of Brian (my son), I am following his motto of DIYDS, and am preparing to publish it as a print-on-demand paperback and an e-book. The cost of doing this is minimal, but the time taken for editing, design, and all the intricacies of getting a book ready for press is something I am learning how to do. Brian and I even designed the cover! With a little bit of luck, I’ll have it ready for publication by late July. Fingers crossed!

I don’t know if anyone will buy the book, but that isn’t my main concern. I have written a novel, and I want to see it published and in print. Barring a catastrophe or something earth-shattering, I’ll soon have a book with my name on it that I can actually hold in my hand.

Wish me luck!!

Book Cover


One thought on “I’m Still Writing – Look What I’m Up To!

  1. Scottie Atkins Spry

    Oh, Jennie! What an amazing accomplishment! You should be so proud of yourself! I can’t wait to see it in print, and I will definitely be one of your first sales! I’ll look forward to it, so please let me know when it’s on the market! Good luck with such a huge endeavor that takes not only skill as a writer, but tons of fortitude and dedication! Love and hugs

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