It’s as Simple as That!


Last week while at Daytona Beach, I stayed on the sixth floor of a high-rise condo on the beachfront. It was luxury at its finest. The owners supplied everything a renter could ever need or want, making it a wonderful place to spend a few days. Our condo was not at the top of the building – there were ten floors above us. But we were high enough up to have a great view of the beach and ocean, and to take advantage of the warm summer breezes.

Because we were not near ground level, it wasn’t feasible to take the stairs as we came and went in the course of a day. The elevators were our conveyance of choice for getting up to the condo and for traveling down to the street and beach level. As far as elevators go, they were fine – smooth and fast. What I found to be interesting about them were identical signs displayed in each one (there were three of them). Posted prominently next to the panel where we selected our designated floor for the short trip up or down, I got a kick out of reading them every time I stepped into one of the elevators.

I can’t remember it verbatim, but each sign read something like this:


  1. Stay Calm.
  2. Something about opening a door next to the floor selection panel and pulling out a telephone receiver.
  3. Something about a number to dial to alert somebody that the elevator is stuck or about any other kind of emergency.
  4. Stay away from the elevator door. Do not attempt to open it.
  5. Help Is On The Way.

While I can’t remember word for word what Directions 2-4 were, Directions 1 and 5 are indelibly etched in my mind. It reminded me of so many things in life that come our way, derailing us for one reason or another. It really doesn’t matter what the process is for solving the dilemma or addressing the problem (Numbers 2 – 4), if we can always remember Numbers 1 and 5, and follow the simple instructions in between, the rest will pretty much take care of itself.

When things don’t go our way, or when we find ourselves stuck in a situation where life doesn’t move as it is supposed to do, we need to Stay Calm.

Then, after we have done what we need to do, in a calm manner, we need to always remember Number 5 – Help Is On The Way.

And so, along with a lovely vacation at the beach, I enjoyed reading the signs in the elevators. As a preacher friend of mine often says when “aha” moments such at this happen –

“That’ll preach!”


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