I’ve Been Busy!


The other day at work, one of my co-workers asked me, “Have you been writing much lately?”

I had to confess, “No, I’ve been too busy. Although I have been writing in my journal. But that’s about it.”

So, what has been keeping me too busy to sit down to write on the two projects I have underway – 1)sending out queries on the non-fiction book I completed last spring; and 2) wrapping my brain around the beginnings of a new novel which has found its beginnings on paper, but is mostly swimming around in my head?

To begin with, summer happened. And with summer came gardens, making marinara sauce from my fresh tomatoes to store for the winter and fresh pesto from my basil, reunions, hot, hot, hot weather where the only refreshing place to spend an afternoon was in the swimming pool, and one other thing.

And what is that one thing that has kept me too busy to write, other than pouring my heart out in my journal on a nightly basis?

It all started so innocently. I live in a small apartment in an old house that has been converted into three apartments. This summer, the walls began closing in on me. My throat was itchy for no reason that I could account for whenever I was home for any length of time, my two house-mate neighbors moved out, leaving me wondering who would be moving into the two apartments, and I began feeling like the need for a change was in the air. I started checking the rental websites for my area of Georgia, only to find that rental houses were far too expensive for me to afford, and most of the apartments in this area either don’t allow pets or had no vacancies.

I began thinking that maybe I should look into buying a house. I prayed to God to light this path if it was the one I should take. I followed up by asking a real estate agent friend if she would like to carry my lantern on this uncharted path upon which I was embarking. And with this, we began looking at small houses as they became available in my town.

As we searched, and doors were opened and then closed, my journal was the welcome recipient of my fears and anxieties, as well as my excitement over the possibilities of purchasing a house. One day, my agent/friend showed me a small home that I loved, but the asking price was well over my maximum limit of how much I could afford. “It’s negotiable,” she reassured me, and after a few sleepless nights, some really crazy dreams when I did sleep, and a lot of prayer, I made an offer.

Long story short, I now have a contract on a pretty little ranch about three miles from where I now live. I am excited and terrified at the same time. Who’d have ever thought that I would be in the position of being able to buy a house – all on my own?

But then, I go back to four years ago. I was looking at this little apartment that I am now getting ready to leave, knowing that I couldn’t afford it. There was no way my monthly pay check was going to cover my expenses! I was excited and terrified, but I knew in my heart that this was what I needed and where I needed to be. And somehow, some way, I paid my rent every month, kept up with my monthly expenses, and was even able to save a little money here and there along my way.

So, here I am. I’ve been busy – busy finding a house that fits into my price range, busy doing the math trying to make it work, busy worrying and fretting over all things unknown, busy praying that God would light the path for me, and busy jumping through all the hoops required for purchasing a home.

If all goes as planned, closing on my new home will be September 30, and I will move in the first of October. A new chapter in my life is beginning, one as exciting as any I’ve had in my lifetime. God has provided a light for my path, which leads to the front door of my new home.

Indeed. I’ve been busy.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Busy!

  1. Scottie

    Congratulations, Jennie! I just closed on my house in VA 12 days ago! Like you, this is the first house I have ever bought on my own, and I, too, went into the process with much trepidation. I wondered if I would be able to do it, if I would be able to find something in my price range, etc. Thank goodness for low interest rates! I also talked to a realtor who came highly recommended by friends and family, and so I started the journey. We looked at a number of houses that would have been OK, but none of them really made my heart sing. I started going to the realtor.com web site for my area and one night a new listing showed up that took my breath away for a moment. I loved the way it looked in the picture but it was a little out of my price range and I thought it couldn’t possibly have everything I thought I needed or wanted. I was wrong! We went to see the house the next day and as soon as I walked through the front door, I knew! This was the house I had been looking for; this was the one that made my heart sing! And so, the process began and it now belongs to me – and the bank, of course! I won’t be moving in until later this month. I have a lease on the apartment I’m in that runs unti8l Sept. 30th, plus I want to paint some of the interior before I move in since the only thing I could find that didn’t really suit me were some of the color combinations the seller apparently liked!

    I hope and pray that we will both be happy and fulfilled in our new little houses. Let the next chapter of our lives begin!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Jennie–and Scottie too! —how wonderful for both of you to have found what you were looking for. But, most of all, to have found some financial independence. It’s been a while, but I’ve been there too, trying to have life move forward and be able to save a bit , and also buying 2 different homes on my own. Lots of happiness ahead to both of you!

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