I Told Myself….


I am watching my sales report on createspace.com, the platform I use for publishing my books. I told myself I wasn’t going to do this.

I also told myself that if only one person reads my new book, “Sunshine Leads the Way,” and is touched by something in it, I would be satisfied. This has happened. I have received a wonderful review by a reader. I am happy.

In addition, I told myself I wasn’t going to get greedy, and that I don’t expect my little book to become a best-seller. This is still true, but as people read my book and share their satisfaction and enjoyment from it, I mentally pose the question, “Why not?” Then I pull myself back down to earth and remind myself the reason I write and publish. It isn’t for the money (although it would be nice to have a supplemental income to help me with my living expenses!), but for the joy of writing and for the hope that by sharing my life experiences, I may help someone else with theirs. By sharing my extraordinary days, I might light the way for someone else to take notice of theirs.

Collecting days is something I’ve done all my life, and I want to make this activity one that might catch on with people everywhere. We so often go through the daily routine of living that we miss the wonder and adventure that the most ordinary of days can bring. I try my best each day to find something worth remembering, worth researching, worth photographing, worth writing about. Yesterday, it was seeing a fairy ring of mushrooms in a neighbor’s yard and finding out what a hashtag is all about. One day last week, it was an unusual cloud formation drifting across the sky. Friday, it was a baby goat bouncing on and off of me in delight – a baby goat, who before that day, had been skittish and afraid of me. On Saturday, it was sitting in my living room with four fantastic young women surrounding me, enjoying an afternoon of friendship and love together. I have claimed these strong and unique women as “my girls”, and we were celebrating a job change and new beginning for one of them.

It isn’t so much about writing in a journal or carrying my camera or phone around with me all the time. It is all about being observant, grateful, curious, and loving. It is also about holding each day in my heart, caressing the present moment with a prayer of thanksgiving, and understanding that with each minute that passes a memory is born.

I invite my readers and followers to order a copy of my book and read it. If you like it, a nice review on amazon.com would be appreciated. But more than anything, my desire is that by reading it, your life may be changed, just a bit, and that you may realize that you, too, are a collector of days.




One thought on “I Told Myself….

  1. Scottie

    You already know I loved your book and acknowledged I was changed by it. I have to say the things you just wrote in your blog about finding things each day worth remembering gives me even more inspiration to do the same. I kept a gratitude journal for a long time that I started after my husband died. I was so unbearably sad that I knew I needed to do something to find the positives. Strangely enough, I was in the teacher’s lounge at school where one of the book companies used to do displays every few months with things we could order at discounted prices when I saw a journal that was titled “My Gratitude Journal.” I filled out the form, ordered it, and received it about a week later. I took it home and started writing in it that night. As the days and weeks went by, I was amazed at how many things I still had to be grateful for despite my sadness. It could be something personal, my beautiful daughter, for example, or how much love I felt when I got home every day to my precious little Yorkie Cricket greeting me at the door. Other days it was the joy in having had success with a student who had been struggling, or moments with friends at school, even a simple phone call. Reading your book made me realize that I need to get back to that again. I doesn’t matter if I write it down or not, I just need to pay more attention each day and I know I will find many things that are worth remembering. Thanks for the reminder! Love and hugs

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