A Yoke and a Journey


Today is the two year anniversary of the day I drew up every ounce of courage I had and set out on a new, and at the time, terrifying road. I didn’t know what my future held for me, but I did know that I couldn’t continue on the same path I was traveling if I was to have any kind of future at all.

As I think back on that day, and as I reflect on the scripture from today’s sermon at church, I see myself that day with a yoke so heavy around my neck, I knew I would never be able to carry it alone. Somehow, I made it through the day, and at the end of the day, my yoke was a little lighter as I met Brian at my new temporary home where the tears that had been unable to flow for six months freely ran down my cheeks and blended with the summer shower as we danced in the rain and shared a bottle of wine. The fear was still with me, the terror of the past months, and uncertainty of the future hadn’t left me, but I was no longer carrying my burden alone – there were others there to help me.

With the passing weeks and months, people appeared on my path to help me with my yoke. Family and friends circled  my wagon to protect me, to encourage me, and to be my foundation as I journeyed through this frightening time in my life.  Friends, both old and new, held out their arms to me, uplifted me when I was down, and provided me with support I had not even imagined on that fearful day in July.

Now, two years later, I am the same person, yet a different person. Someone recently said to me, “It’s as if nothing happened. It’s all behind you now and in the past.” Yes, that is true in many ways, but everything has happened, and while my two-year trek through the wilderness has had a wonderful ending, a great deal happened to me and around me, which has affected me in many ways, and has changed me forever.

Jesus said, “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light”.  I still carry a yoke, and life isn’t easy. But through my faith, and even my lack of faith at times, I have discovered a joy I didn’t know before, friendships I never anticipated, selfless acts of generosity from surprising sources, and a new perspective about my life.

For those who read my blog who have been part of my journey, I thank you for sharing the weight of my yoke and making it lighter. I only hope that I will always be there for you to perhaps lighten your load.

Two years – a piece of a journey – a collection of days.


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